Gold extraction process

2015-12-11   Xinhai   (554)

The method of gold and silver extraction mainly consists of two major categories: physical and chemical processing.
1.Physical upgrading
Including flotation and gravity separation, flotation method is widely used to treat all kinds of gold and silver sulfide ore, gravity method is often used for processing low grade gold.
Flotation: the flotation of gold ore dressing commonly used process flow.
2.Chemical mineral processing
Including cyanidation, thiourea, thiosulfate and aqueous solution of Syria chemical method, fine method, organic polysulfide solution leaching method, including olfactory method, bioleaching, amalgamation, LSSS method.
Some of the refractory gold ore is also used in oxidation roasting, pressure oxidation, bacterial oxidation and alkali leaching, electro oxidation, nitric acid, ammonium polysulfide, ferric chloride method etc..
The most mature technology to cyanidation in chemical processing method of gold and silver, high extraction rate, suitability for ore. Through research and improvement for several decades, the development of the carbon in pulp process, and no heap of resin in pulp method cyanidation leaching new filter, is the most widely used method in production.


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