Method for controlling the rate of flotation machine

2015-12-11   Xinhai   (510)

The speed of flotation is the main index to measure the efficiency of the flotation machine. In the flotation machine flotation of the time, need to pay close attention to the change of the speed of flotation machine flotation, the change of this kind of speed sometimes means the change of production efficiency. So, how to improve the flotation machine flotation machine flotation speed, and to ensure the quality of flotation machine, engineering and technical personnel under Xinhai machinery mainly to improve the flotation rate of flotation machine to do the following analysis.
Flotation machine flotation rate is to reach a certain recovery rate (or the unit production capacity of the unit), the need for flotation time. Improve the recovery rate and shorten the time of flotation, which is to improve the flotation rate of the flotation machine. The main measures to improve the flotation rate of the flotation machine:
(1) a reasonable adjustment of the prescription, in particular, to pay attention to the amount of foaming agent. Generally speaking, a little more foaming agent will promote the flotation machine flotation speed. But it must be noted that: excessive foaming agent will reduce the selectivity, so, in the selection and the dosage of the larger case, it should be noted that the amount of foaming agent is not excessive.
(2) in the appropriate range, increase the impeller speeds, lower trough depth, the impeller and cover plate to increase the amount of air gap reduction measures, can promote the flotation rate of flotation machine.
(3) as soon as possible so that the pulp flotation by flotation cell. In series, it is faster than parallel groove, and can also improve the flotation rate of flotation machine.
(4) the size of the selected groove must be appropriate. Generally speaking, the size of the groove can not be too large. Select the tank is too large, so that the pulp stuck in the groove when too long. Not only will concentrate foam dilution, but also reduces the rate of flotation and flotation machine.
(5) the appropriate control of pulp concentration, can get the maximum speed of flotation flotation machine.
As long as you can pay attention to and pay attention to the above five aspects of the incentives, you can on the flotation machine flotation speed of effective control. Through the combination of various means and methods, the speed control of the flotation machine can be further optimized. Pharmaceutical, flotation process and other auxiliary equipment to the flotation of the flotation machine also has a certain effect.


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