Gold ore dressing equipment

2015-10-22   Xinhai   (505)

Currently mainstream selection process, firstly, crushing equipment (such as jaw crusher, cone crusher of crushing, and then through the classifier, a stirring barrel, flotation machine, such as gold beneficiation complete sets of equipment, processing. By gravity separation, flotation, extract concentrate and tailings, and application of gold mineral processing reagents by chemical method for smelting. The product eventually become refined gold. In this paper, we will introduce a complete set of gold ore dressing equipment.
Jaw crusher:
An efficient and energy saving equipment, which is mainly used for the crushing of various ore and bulk materials, and the first equipment of the primary crushing of gold deposits. In the process of breaking the huge ore into small pieces, the first crusher is often called the “master” crusher. Is also the longest, the most rugged crusher, but also to ensure the production efficiency of the key ring.
The flotation machine
Mechanical equipment to complete the flotation of gold ore. In the flotation machine, by adding chemical treatments after the gold bearing pulp, through agitating aeration, some mineral particles selectively fixing on the bubble; float to the surface of the pulp was scraped off the formation of foam products, the rest is retained in the pulp, in order to achieve the purpose of mineral separation. Widely used in gold, copper, lead, zinc, nickel, molybdenum and other non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals, non-metallic minerals, the selection and reverse flotation.
Gold ore flotation machine has the following characteristics:
1, inspiratory capacity, low power consumption; 2, both inspiratory per slot, suction flotation pulp and triple function, self flotation circuit, without any auxiliary equipment, the level of configuration, ease of process changes; 3, the slurry cycle reasonably, maximize reduce sand sediments and other advantages.
High efficiency ball mill:
Grinding for gold ore and other materials. Gold mine only after grinding and to the requirements of fineness can be fully mixed with each other, to make the products reach strength, grinding is an important process in aerated concrete production, the power consumption of large, high efficiency ball mill is the most important equipment in the concrete factory.
High efficient ball mill in the gold ore in the universal application of mining gold ore by jaw type crusher preliminary broken, broken to a reasonable degree of fineness in the post via elevator, feeder evenly send into the ball, the ball to ore by crushing, grinding. After ball mill development of ore fines and then into the next process: classification. Spiral classifier with different proportion of solid particles and often speed in the liquid for different principle, the ore mixture grading.


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