Gold flotation production line

2015-10-14   Xinhai   (495)

Gold flotation production line: by stage grinding flotation, mud and sand separation, enrichment, preferably ramified and asynchronous mixed flotation flow
Production line of process equipment.
Gold flotation process
The choice of flotation process is usually based on the nature of gold and silver ore and product specifications to determine the common principles of process flow are the following:
(1) the flotation flotation concentrate of gold and silver quartz vein of sulfide ore by flotation to obtain a small amount of concentrate, and then carry out the cyanide treatment. Compared with the whole mud cyanide process, the flotation concentrate is not required to be fine grinding, save power consumption, small size of the plant area, and the investment in infrastructure.
(2) flotation + roast of concentrate and calcine cyanidation the process commonly used to treat refractory gold ore of arsenic, gold – antimony ore and sulphide content in high gold pyrite ore, roasting is harmful to the cyanidation process of arsenic, antimony and other elements are removed.
(3) this method is used to deal with the majority of the metal sulfide ore containing gold and silver by flotation and flotation concentrate. When the flotation, gold and silver into its symbiotic copper, lead and other gold deposits, and then sent to the smelting plant to recover gold and silver.
(4) flotation and flotation tailings and tailings cyanidation and flotation concentrate in situ roasting cyanide this scheme to deal with tellurium gold, pyrrhotite, chalcopyrite and other sulfide minerals of quartz sulfide ore, ore can surfaced in sulfide ore concentrate and gold and silver sulfide exposure, after roasting and cyaniding. Due to the flotation of the tailings, the general content of gold and silver SUNCOO, to re cyanide recovery.
(5) ore cyanide and cyanide flotation tailings when cyanide method can not completely recovery of gold and silver ores associated with sulfides, cyanidation slag flotation, increase the rate of recovery of gold and silver.


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