Type of gold ore treated by flotation process

2015-10-10   Xinhai   (480)

Gold content was the lowest in gold ore, and the main features of the flotation is from a lot of pulp flotation which is a very small amount of gold, gold bearing sulphide mineral grains in the gold recovery, because these minerals to direct cyanidation of gold, but can with flotation as concentrate products to be recycled gold. Flotation of gold bearing sulfide concentrate, cyaniding, must be in the fine grinding, if not directly cyanide leaching, roasting or metallurgical processing.
Generally speaking, the following conditions of gold ore can be treated by flotation:
1 gold and sulfide are closely related, gold into the mineralization is very good foam concentrate output;
2 gold is not associated with sulfide minerals, but there is sufficient amount of sulfide minerals in the ore to ensure the stability of the gold sulfide ore.
3. Ore containing sulfide minerals, but contains a lot of iron oxide, then contained in ores of ochre clay the foam stabilizer;
4 ore contains no sulfide minerals or iron oxide minerals, but is easy to float and can make the foam stable (such as silk mica, etc.);
5 pure gold quartz gold ore is mixed with sulfide minerals, or add the sulfide mineral (3% or so, or add the appropriate chemicals to form a stable foam.
6 the main ore in the flotation method of the main components (copper, lead, arsenic, etc.), tailings can be used to deal with the cyanide.


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