The main effect of water on Flotation

2015-09-30   Xinhai   (476)

According to the characteristics of water, the main effects of water on the flotation are:(1) dissolution; (2) hydration.

1.dissolution of various substances in water. Because the water has a large dipole distance, so, in the water of the ore particles and water interaction. Because of the dissolution of the material in water, the water used in the flotation can be dissolved in water, the reason is that the water itself has a variety of organic and inorganic compounds. Therefore, in the process of flotation process, to carry out the quality control of water (such as softening, removal of the inevitable ion, aeration oxidation, etc.).
2.hydration. Ions dissolved in water, the water in the surrounding aggregation of the dipole, which is the role of ion hydration. Minerals can be reduced if they are hydrated. For some hydrophobic mineral particles. (such as sulfur, coal, molybdenum and so on), the hydration effect is weak; and some hydrophilic minerals (such as oxidized ore and quartz), the hydration effect is strong.
But should be noted that water in the flotation of the main role is formed slurry for minerals in the effect of the drug through the floating bubbles.



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