Flotation Process

2015-09-25   Xinhai   (512)

The flotation process includes the following operations:
1. Pulp preparation work before flotation (mainly grinding, grading). The purpose of this in flotation process is to obtain the appropriate size and the particle size of the ore body. The pulp concentration into the flotation operation must be suitable for the requirements of flotation process.
2. Dosing adjustment. To regulate and control the interface phase of physical and chemical properties, which can promote the selective attachment of the bubble and the different ore particles, so as to achieve the purpose of separation. In flotation process, the types and quantities of the added drugs shall be determined according to the nature of the ore.
3. Air inflation flotation. Fine Pulp in flotation process, into the flotation machine, due to air agitation of the flotation machine, forming a large number of dispersed bubbles, provide mineral particle and bubble contact opportunities. Good floatability mineral particles, attached to the bubbles, formate of mineralized froth; and poor floatability mineral particles cannot be attached to air bubbles and in the ore, discharged from the flotation machine as a tailings. Collection of foam products, that is, the flotation concentrate.

flotation process


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