Flotation method

2015-09-24   Xinhai   (592)

Flotation process has always been an effective way to gold ores and metal sulfide ore processing, the characteristics of gold ore flotation can be summarized as the following aspects:
1. Flotation method is mainly used to handle common types of vein gold ore, but rarely used for sand gold. In recent years the placer gold flotation again caused some attention. Therefore, should break the traditional concept of placer gold without flotation process.
2. Flotation is suitable for treating, fine disseminated gold ore, coarse commonly used gold amalgamation or gravity recovery and fine gold for cyanide chemical method for gold recovery, according to specific gold in ore particle size characteristics and associated properties of metal mineral composition combined process is a reasonable way to use flotation and other metallurgical method.
3. Flotation method is suitable for the treatment of gold sulfide ore, but the flotation of high arsenic, high sulfur, fine gold and polymetallic gold ore is difficult. And the oxidation of high degree of mud, oxidation is not easy to use flotation method.
4. The floating process conditions (pharmacy, processes, equipment) and non-ferrous metal sulfide minerals especially of copper sulfide ore flotation conditions are similar. Containing quartz vein ore flotation process is relatively simple, especially for the local construction of small gold.



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