Key methods of improving speed of flotation

2015-09-21   Xinhai   (518)

Flotation speed refers to reach a certain recovery rate (or flotation machine unit production capacity), the required time of flotation. Improve the recovery rate and shorten the flotation time, can improve the flotation speed. The main measures to improve the flotation speed are:
1.Reasonable prescription, paying special attention to the amount of blowing agent. Generally speaking, slightly increase some frother will promote floatation speed. But must pay attention to, excessive foaming agent will reduce the selectivity. So, when selected and collecting large doses, the dosage of foaming agent cannot too much more.
2. In appropriate range, increase flotation cell impeller speed, reduce the depth of the trough, make the impeller and cover plate and narrow the gap measures, to promote floatation speed.
3. As soon as possible to make the pulp through flotation tank. The series slot is faster than the parallel groove, and it can also improve the flotation speed.
4. The size of the selected tank must be appropriate. Generally speaking, slot size can not too big, select groove too big, make pulp residence time too long in the tank, not only can make the foam concentrate dilution, but also reduce the speed of flotation.
5. Control proper pulp density, can obtain the biggest flotation speed.


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